Welcome to my own small piece of the World Wide Web.  My name is Grady Smith and I write fictional books based on my experience and plays intended to be satirical, funny and sometimes deadly serious.  
On my web site you will find information on my books and plays as well as point of contact information.  I hope that you enjoy these efforts.
My debut novel, Blood Chit, is available now at your favorite bookstore or from Amazon.com.
I am proud to announce that a book detailing the history of the 31st Infantry Regiment since its inception will be released in summer 2018. The work is a colloboration of several authors including Karl H. Lowe, James B. Simms, and myself. More details can be found here.
I am always interested in hearing about vets' experiences, or family members' experiences with vets. Please send any questions or comments via the contact page.
Be well!    

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A “Blood Chit” serves as the last aviator survival tool employed in a combat zone when assistance from others is vital to survival.

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A History of “America’s Foreign Legion” in Peace and War from McFarland Publishing.

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"Travel Abroad" provides the first English version of Peregrinatio (1437), the earliest Neo-Latin comedy written in England.